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Abraham-Louis Perrelet. The man who in 1777, changed the history of the time measurement by inventing the automatic winding mechanism. Since then every automatic watch which is produced even in our days, follows the same mechanical principles with Perrelet’s invention.

Gifted with exceptional talents and an extraordinary inventiveness he was able to create unique masterpieces. As evidence, the International Watchmaking Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds Museum has, what is without doubt, one of the very last pieces made by this genial craftsman, when he was 96 years old.

Countless improvements followed such as –the Flyback mechanism – invented by his grand-son Louis Frederic Perrelet.

As honorific proof of his great personality, the watchmakers of the company developed in 1995 one of the most famous Swiss watches, the PERRELET DOUBLE ROTOR. This movement has a double rotor at the front, visible from the dial of the watch, perfectly synchronized with me main rotor at the back.

Today, Perrelet produces watches with technical and aesthetic standards, truthful to the principles of the man who established the brand.